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Start Date:
Oct 16, 2019, 09:00
Finish date:
Oct 16, 2019, 17:00
299.00 SGD




Bring Your Team to Greater Heights with Coaching Strategies
Date: 16 Oct 2019 Wed 9 am to 5 pm
Venue: 89 Short St 09-03A, Golden Wall Centre, Singapore 188216   
Fee: $299 each, $199 each for 2 & above; $149 each for 5 pax & above 
Statistics show that up to 55% of the employees are disengaged at work. What to do when your team performance is below expectations? How to coach people that are skilled but lack motivation? How to handle high flyers? What to do when the going gets tough? 
This rare workshop demystifies coaching. It shows how you can coach anyone about anything in 6 easy steps. Plus, you will be equipped with Coaching Toolbox & Strategies that you can use for life.

Power-packed Contents Include:

  1. Myths and Truths of Coaching and Mentoring
  2. Benefits of Coaching: 6 times return
  3. Going to the root cause: Capability and Thinking Deficiency
  4. 5-Ways Coaching Success: Uncover Inner Drive, Discover Answers, Facilitate Doing, Audit and Ask Tough Questions
  5. Key Values and Skills of a Good Coach
  6. Six Steps to Coaching using GROW and GEUNIS models
  7. The Ultimate in Coaching: Changing the Being and How
  8. Giving Feedback and Turning Around Under-Performers
  9. The Toolbox and 6 Tools of Coaching
  10. Goal Setting and Helping people to Achieve their Goals
  11. Overcoming Difficulties and Stress
  12. What to Do When Coaching Does not work
  13. Self Coaching: 5 Power Questions to Ask Yourself
Bonus 1: Facing the Giants and Peaceful Warrior Strategies 
Bonus 2: 50 Power Questions to Coach Yourself
Bonus 3: Weekly Coaching Questionaire
At the end of this session, you will be empowered to overcome all difficulties at work.


  1. Ready tools to energize your team 
  2. Help them overcome challenges
  3. Foster better teamwork
  4. Higher productivity and profits
  5. Develop leaders and 2nd leaders
  6. Successful People Management
  7. Be a Better Manager and Leader! 

For Who to Attend:

  1. Directors, Managing Director and GM
  2. HR Managers, Learning and Admin Managers
  3. Executives in HR, Admin and Sales
  4. Managers in Sales, Research, Operations, Finance
  5. Marketing managers, Admin Managers, Engineers

These are what some of our clients and past participants have to say:

This workshop is enjoyable and educational. I now know how to get to the bottom of issues with coaching.
Alex Chia, Sales Manager, Ban Leong Technologies Pte Ltd
With guidance from Andy, I get greater clarity on how to draw out the best and get teamwork to work.
- William Yap, MD, Vibrant Design Team
I like the part on light bulb and seeing people as already capable. It is using coaching to make CAPABILITY = ABILITY = PROFITABILILTY
Jeffrey Nah, Managing Director, Teleperformance Asia Pte Ltd

Profile of Asia Coaching Training

Business Coach and Trainer Andy Ng has 30 years experience: He started doing business at the age of 5. Since 1996, Andy has trained over 81,413 people in 15 countries. His Magnetic Selling DVD and e-book SUN ZI FOR SALES have sold hundreds of copies in 5 countries. Asia Coaching Training was, from 2001-2007, the licensee for Action International in Singapore. The clients trained by Andy include SingTel, SIM, Manulife Financial, Walton International, DBS Group, M1, Yakun, BreadTalk, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Gillette, F & N Foods, Kaplan Asia and Teleperformance Asia. Visit our blog at and see him in action at


Ms Idah at 6225-1784 or Andy at 8201-4347 Email to


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